9303 Jack In The Box


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Line ID: @MelissaAndDougThai
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 Hi-ho the derry-o! Brought to you by popular demand, this is a classic toy as only Melissa & Doug can do it! Housed in a sturdy wooden box with cheerful farm-themed illustrations on every side, a smiling, overalls-wearing cow is the cheerful pop-up "Jack" in this sturdy Jack-in-the-Box. Turn the oversize red knob to hear "Farmer in the Dell" and see the bandanna-clad bovine pop up with a smile! Not only will this special surprise cause giggles galore, it helps prompote fine motor and auditory processing skills.

Size: 22x 22 x 18 cm
Weight: 0.57 kg

Age: +12 Month

Case Pack: 6 Pieces

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